6 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Natural Makeup Look

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Nowadays it’s all about that natural look. The makeup trend today is all about just enhancing the natural features you’ve got and not full blown painting them onto your face. Most of us however don’t have sufficient time in our everyday life to go through the tiring ritual of employing a natural makeup look on our face so these tips can allow you to get the perfect natural look without standing before the mirror for hours. So without further ado, here are hints to find the most natural cosmetics look.

Makeup may help you cover up but if your skin is not cared for than even makeup might not be able to help you out. So the first rule of applying makeup is moisturizing your skin with a fantastic oil free moisturizer. This helps to keep the makeup intact and also gives your skin a fresher outlook. To have a much better moisturizing for your skin drink plenty of water as that keeps your skin hydrated and supple.

2. Use a concealer
The concealer is your final makeup weapon and you should learn how to use it to your advantage if you wish to get the perfect natural look. Apply dabs of concealer on regions that have acne scars and under your eye to cover dark circles. It is preferable to use the concealer in strokes starting from the edge of the under eye and moving down towards the eye. This will give you the maximum protection for dark circles.

3. Cover the face with a light layer of foundation
This is the main step in getting your cosmetics natural. If you do not like foundations then get yourself a BB Cream that’s essentially a moisturizer, foundation and sun block all merged into a single thing. As soon as you apply it make sure that you blend it into your skin thoroughly to get the most natural looking effect.

4. Apply some organic rose tinted blush
The thing about blush is that you don’t need to over do it or else you will end up looking like someone who drinks a lot of alcohol. Just dab the brush with a little blush and apply it both your cheekbones.

5. Use some black to your eyes
Simply line your eyes with a thin coating of eyeliner and apply a single coat of Mascara on the lashes. Make sure that the mascara is smooth and doesn’t cause your lashes to look clumpy. That’s not the look that you want to go for.

Avoid really brightly colored lipsticks for everyday use and instead go for nude colours that bring out or enhance the natural colour of your lips and suit your complexion.

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